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Index to Theses: Terms and Conditions

Expert Information Ltd. hereby sets forth the terms and conditions under which access is granted to the Index to Theses online bibliographic database via its World Wide Web server to subscribing institutions and individuals.

  1. Product name and description. The Index to Theses (“Database”) is an electronic database of bibliographic information of British and Irish theses dating back to 1716.
  2. Producer and Owner. The Database is produced and wholly owned by Expert Information Ltd. ("Owner") with registered offices located at: Vantis Booth Anderson, 82 St John Street, London EC1M 4JN, UK. Registered number 01997745. Country of incorporation: England & Wales.
  3. Availability. The Database is made available via the World Wide Web to subscribing institutions and individuals (“Subscribers”). Access to the Database is provided to authorized, registered IP addresses for institutions and, in exceptional circumstances, by password authentication. The Owner makes all reasonable endeavours to provide access to the Database on a 24 hour basis. If routine computer hardware and database maintenance or any circumstances beyond the control of the Owner cause interruption of service the Owner will restore access to the Database as soon as reasonably practicable.
  4. Users. Subscribers may only provide access to the Database to employees, faculty, current students and in-library patrons of the Subscriber’s institution. Users are required not to share passwords or other login information with others.
  5. Site restrictions. A subscription to the database is regarded as a site license under these terms. Access is permitted for a single entity (school, business or public agency) that is located in a single building, or a compact cluster of related buildings, such as a university or company campus in a single geographical location. Remote access is only permitted to users as defined in Paragraph 4, whose access is channelled through an authorized IP address.
  6. Subscription Options. Online access to the Database is available only to fully paid up, current subscribers. Subscriptions are available as either (a) a combined online plus print option or (b) online-only access. Current subscription prices are provided in the Subscription Information and Rates section.
  7. Cancellation.
    1. Subscribers that cancel, at any time, will lose all access to the Database via the Owner’s World Wide Web server.
    2. Subscribers that cancel will be entitled, exclusively for their own use, to the material added to the Database since 2006 or since the start of their subscription (whichever is the later) up to the time of cancellation at no charge.
    3. The Owner will make available a perpetual licence to the backfile of the Database up to the time of cancellation for an additional fee.
    4. All information delivered under 7(b) or 7(c) will be provided in documented format, at the Owner’s absolute discretion, for local loading at the Subscriber’s institution or at an Owner-approved site and on an Owner-approved system. All information delivered under 7(b) or 7(c) will be subject to the usage requirements set forth herein.
    5. The terms and conditions of Paragraphs 4, 5, 9, 10, and 11 shall survive termination of this licence.
  8. Supply of data to the Owner. Universities that provide their own institution’s theses data to the Owner are entitled to receive an electronic copy of the relevant records from the Database for their own internal use, in return, at no additional charge and subject to the usage requirements set forth herein.
  9. Copyright. All information available in the Database is the copyright of the Owner. Subject to the provisions of Copyright Law the use of material supplied by the Owner is limited to viewing, downloading, temporarily storing and printing by authorized users. Authorized users are prohibited from improper or unauthorized use including reproduction, copying, downloading, storing, broadcasting, transmitting or recording by any means in any form or through any media. Authorized users shall take all reasonable endeavours to maintain the security and integrity of said material.
  10. Breach of Terms. The Owner will notify a Subscriber, individual, network, or institution it believes has materially breached the terms of this agreement and allow them 10 days to resolve the problem. If the situation is not remedied in that time, the Owner reserves the right to refuse access. The Owner reserves the right to refuse access immediately to any Subscriber, individual, network or institution whose misuse of the system jeopardizes its ability to provide service to its other customers.
  11. Liability. The Owner makes no warrants, guarantees or makes any representation regarding the accuracy, completeness, correctness, reliability, currency or otherwise of the information contained in the Database. The Owner shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to any person as a result of use of the Database or of the information contained therein.
  12. Governing Law. These terms and conditions are subject to English law and the jurisdiction of English courts.


© 2009 Expert Information Ltd